Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Makes Sense

"From the time I was kid, I saw the broader context of how we live here in the U.S. When I was twelve, I saw Edward R. Murrow’s Harvest Of Shame and that was it. It led me to uncover the image versus the reality of how people live. I then learned to pronounce "apartheid" and saw the treatment of blacks here in this country as they struggled for civil rights. It made me question deeply and ask myself: How can people like migrant workers who are helping us eat not have a pot to piss in? I started learning about countries that have a "share-the-wealth" system and I said to myself, There is nothing wrong with that. This makes sense.

Capitalism’s problem is that it has nothing to say about how to combat greed. For all the moralizing this country does, people don’t get it: They’re greedy. And it's gotten worse in my lifetime. You don’t even have to have socialism. I am talking about minimal things. Put money aside to fund playgrounds and high school football teams. Are you kidding me? The Grammy Awards has to make a plea to keep music in schools? I mean, what planet are we on? I guess I am asking another question in my work as well: What happened?"

From Lewis Black's interview in The Progressive, April 2007

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